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About Us

Both Steve & Sylvia Castillo grew up with a military presence in their families- 
Steve's dad  was a paratrooper and Sylvia's dad completed two tours in Vietnam. Interestingly enough both of them have brothers who also serve-
Each of them have been in the military for almost forty years. 
Even the name of their business "America Inspections" is inspired by by the love of their country and the men and women that serve it. 
This project is really about giving back- our goal is to be a trusted resource in the industry, to align with other honest and reputable companies that want to provide exceptional value to our Veterans. 
The Veterans Alliance Project is truly a movement for the benefit and support of our troops!
Our mission is to unite outstanding business owners that will provide substantially discounted rates on their services to ensure our veterans are getting the best possible prices when purchasing and maintaining their home. It is our way of saying thank you for your service. 
Our hope is that that you will give us a call so that we can serve you!
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