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  What is the Veterans Alliance Project?

The Veterans Alliance Project 

is an intentional movement for the benefit and support of our troops.

America Inspections has partnered with other outstanding service providers in the          real estate industry to individually and collectively reduce the cost of our services           to offer our Veterans the best possible prices.

The Veterans Alliance Project supports all veterans - active, retired or reserve.

  If I'm a Veteran, how can I take advantage of  this special pricing?

All of the companies listed here on this website have adjusted their pricing for the Veterans Alliance Project-

Browse through the list of Veterans Alliance Providers,

Simply fill out the Contact Now  page with your information,

you may contact providers directly or request a full contact list. 

*ID or DD-214 will be required

  What if I am already in the process of purchasing a home?

No Problem!

There are no conditions or obligations as to who you can use -

if you already have a lender, you can choose one or more of the other services offered.                            The Veterans Alliance Partners are individually offering discounted rates

as their way of saying "Thank You" for your service to our country.

The only requirement is that you are a veteran.

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